Pede poena claudo

Lady Havertine and the Time Travelers

Lady Havertine and the Time Travelers series is similar to the iconic Nancy Drew Series and written for middle school to young adult readers. The series heroine, Lady Havertine is a steampunk time traveler from the underworld forced to work with her guardian angel in righting the time Lucifer screwed up. Each book will feature a small adventure as the duo works to figure out the most appropriate way to setting time straight as they universe hop through multi-verses. The series’ aim is to explore the multi-verse theory and time travel in a fictional comedic story line, as each new universe poses a problem in Lucifer’s desire to create an alternate time line to God’s cosmic plan.

Legends of Green Isle

Stewart Manor had a mystery, children disappeared.
Matt and his little brother, Toby, did not know this when they moved to Georgia that their new home contained memories of a past interwoven with a new adventure into a parallel dimension.
Thrust into an ancient battle with an evil Warlock, Matt and his new friends set out on a quest to save Green Isle and all its magical creatures from destruction.

The Forgotten Spell
The Mirror Sliver

The First World War Letter Collection Series

The Second World War Letter Collection Series

As a Historian, Constance Wallace feels the individual memory of these soldiers should be shared with the world. Each book will be a publication of the letter collection. Please connect with us with any questions.
The original letters are housed currently with Constance Wallace and can be available for viewing.

For more information concerning publications or questions concerning our publication service for your own works please contact us


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