The Architect’s Daughter

A utopian future earth is jarred as the Nazi Bell time traveling project catches up to the present and several time streams begin to merge. Violet, an orphan and unsure of who she is, befriends Jacob, the boy next door to her foster home. Her life is snapshots of vivid memories of Hitler, the cast of The Wizard of Oz, Walt Disney, and a rap star who she has a connection to but doesn’t know why. Violet hears memories of time streams, sees time frames, and constructs a tesseract in her closet to hide from abusive foster parents. She guards her secrets in a journel that Jacob reads one day when someone breaks into her house and they hide in her closet. Both suddenly find themselves back in World War II and sitting in a bunker with Chancellor and his Time Machine. Publication 2023.

The Omega Factor

The children of the Nazi experiments of Die Glock are hunted in time. Violet and Jacob, now teenagers, hide their secret well. Transferred back and forth in time, both find they aren’t alone. The year 2017 becomes a pivotal doorway as off-worlders make contact with the human race. How do Violet and Jacob save the future from the Corporation’s agenda 578 years in the future? When she and Jacob land in 2130 both war to disrupt a corrupt time line that will move earth into a dystopian society in which everyone is coded to a system of what they call “the machine.” Publication of this unique perspective on the Nazi experiment Die Glock is set for 2025.

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The First WWI Letter Collection Appearing Soon

As an educator, I was intrigued with a small letter collection from WWI written from a 17 year old who enlisted to fight “over there.” Thinking of primary source material, I felt this small collection would be ideal for middle-grades and high schoolers as supplemental reading material. It is footnoted with many topics important to the study of the First World War and includes many images from the time period. It is edited as a primary source for teachers. It is Rainbow Crow Publishing’s honor to announce that Chester Cole’s letters will be the first published in our WWI Letter Series. The book will be available for Christmas through several venues. Please look for it on Amazon within the next month.

The Myth of Rainbow Crow

The story of the Rainbow Crow is a Lenape legend, symbolizing the value of selflessness and service. According to the legend, after a long period of cold weather, animals of the world community become worried. They decide to send a messenger to the Great Sky Spirit to ask for relief from the extended cold. The Rainbow Crow, the most beautifully feathered bird of the group, offers to make the arduous journey. He travels safely, and is rewarded by the Great Spirit with the gift of fire to warm the world of animals. He carries the gift in his beak back to his people, but upon his return, he does not appear to be the same bird that he once was. The fire has scorched his plumage black, with only hints of his previous color, and his voice has been made rough and hoarse by the smoke. In this way, his sacrifice is commemorated that he brought fire to warm those around him.

House of Sparrow

This futuristic novel delves into sci-fi questions about our own solar system and the idea of Hades. Was Earth just a mining penal colony to the worlds between Mars and Venus? And a Moon to Talmud? When a mining vessel crashes on Talmud, the planet sister to Mars, the colonists on board exhibit a mysterious illness. As the Peace Keepers on the Penal Colony haul the craft from the depth of the ocean, Lt. Commander Beckum is perplexed by the exoskeleton suit hanging from one of the blown portal doors. Who were these beings that tumbled from the nearby star-gate? To be released in 2022. Photo by NASA on Unsplash

War Letters Collection Series

Rainbow Crow Publishing is creating a War Letters Collection Series. Currently we are working through about 25 different collections from the First World War and Second World War. We welcome new collections from those found in attics and closets, from any conflict period. Manuscript collections must be set in end notes or footnote style should you choose to add narrative or memory to the edited letters. We will be happy to help those who need assistance in formatting.

The target release for the first of these are Midsummer 2021. Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

Claire Ridgeley Trilogy

Upcoming Release of the first book “Illumination” in The fall of 2024. This futuristic dystopian story is featured in three books. Illumination, Redemption, and Revelation. Set in the year 2127, Dr. Claire Ridgeley can’t remember her life. Memories come in bits and pieces as she returns from a journey to the moons of Saturn.

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

False memories plague Claire as her life is turned upside down. She finds pictures of a husband that disappeared. Those of her associates keep telling her she was never married. When a mysterious note appears under her office door at the University, she uses her background as an anthropologist to uncover deep secrets of otherworldly visitors in her past.

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

Lady Havertine and the Time Travelers

The first book of this wonderful series will be released in 2022, Universe One – The Case of Renki the Cat. Similar to the classic Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Series, this collection of stories is geared towards Middle school readers. Lady Havertine, a steampunk time traveler from the underworld teams up with her angelic counterpart, Sol, to put time back into order when Tobias decides to create his own time line in a chess match with the God of the cosmos. The series explores the multi-verse theory as they travel into new universes to run time scenarios for the supreme being to project his eventual win or defeat.