The children of the Nazi experiments of Die Glock were brutally massacred. Violet was one of those children used in the project. Transferred back and forth in time, she is the only one that survived. 1000 years into the future, the world is an utopian society and a space port. The experiment with Die Glock recreated the future and Violet finds herself going forward and backward in correcting time as the Nazi scientists seek to reconfigure it. The year 2017 becomes a pivotal doorway as off-worlders make contact with the human race. How can she save the future from the Die Glock agenda? When she lands in 2130 she sees they have succeeded in disrupting the time line and earth is a dystopian society in which everyone is coded to a system of what they call “the machine.” Publication of this unique perspective on the Nazi experiment Die Glock is set for 2023.

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