A follow-up to The Omega Factor, the saga of Violet continues. A utopian future earth is jarred as the Nazi Bell time traveling project catches up to the present and several time streams begin to merge. Violet is now an adult and unsure of who she is. Her life is snapshots of vivid memories of Hitler, the cast of The Wizard of Oz, Walt Disney, and a rap star who she has a connection to but doesn’t know why. Violet hears the memories of the time streams and still corrects time through the tesseract she guards embedded in the walls of her apartment.

Two women still maintain “the machine” in an undisclosed place in Siberia. Bent on world domination the women set in motion a chain reaction of open wormholes and time loops that allow them to revisit a moment in the past to recreate the people they wish to eliminate from the present.

Violet finds herself merging suddenly with who she is in the far future, the daughter of the galactic governor for the sector – Capricorn. With messages from the future, eleven others jump back with the Architect’s daughter (Violet in the future) to help her stop the death of the planet. The fight for time places three unlikely heroes together, Violet, a British Intelligence Officer, Matthew, a rap star, and Daniel, an actor. Set for publication in 2023.