Agnus Dei

Constance Wallace is founder of Rainbow Crow Publishing. Her background in education and history inspires her to develop new literary publications for young people. With the goal of structuring and strengthening reading skills, many of her writings and future publications, such as the war letters collections are aimed at those in education for the benefit of assisting in the classroom curriculum. Constance has worked in higher education for approximately 5 years and her imagination has helped her create Legends of Green Isle and Lady Havertine and the Time Travelers. Currently she is also the Assistant to the CEO for The Bleak Empire, a film group from McKinney, Texas. Taking her writing to another level, she has started constructing an IMDb original series “The Ladybug Files” for the group.

Kelsey Wallace is the Daughter of Constance Wallace, founder of Rainbow Crow Publishing. Her talents and knowledge in art add an unique flare to cover design and formatting. At the moment, Kelsey is studying Fine Art at the University of Texas at San Antonio and hopes to create her own studio that pushes the limits of the commercial and fine art world.
L’Atelier du Loup