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Legends of Green Isle: The Forgotten Spell

Book One Stewart Manor had a mystery, children disappeared. Matt and his little brother, Toby, did not know this when they moved to Georgia. Their new home contained memories of a past woven with a new adventure into a parallel dimension. Caught up in… Continue Reading “Legends of Green Isle: The Forgotten Spell”

New Publication of WWI Letter Collection

Leaving North America: A Boy’s Adventure in the First World War – Chester Cole Chester Edmund Cole was born April 26, 1899, to Bertha Meriam Wheeler (Cole) and Walter Cole. His mother Bertha married his father, Walter September 17, 1890. Chester’s older brother Raymond… Continue Reading “New Publication of WWI Letter Collection”

The Myth of Rainbow Crow

The story of the Rainbow Crow is a Lenape legend, symbolizing the value of selflessness and service. According to the legend, after a long period of cold weather, animals of the world community become worried. They decide to send a messenger to the Great Sky Spirit to ask… Continue Reading “The Myth of Rainbow Crow”